‘In Search of Lost Time‘ is a personal response to the landscape. It is a reflection on time spent walking throughout the past two years and explores the local landscape over the past couple of months. It looks at the past and points at the future and examines time in the context of nature, the environment and location.

I searched for new ways of creating and also started experimenting with new media. In my most recent works I depict the landscape as an experience. On my walks I explored local woods and walked along streams. Narratives and the poetic are often encapsulated in trees, soil, rocks and the landscape itself. I like the way all this tells stories.

I love being out in nature. Nature is a place where we can slow down. It is our obligation to respect and protect natural spaces and not take them for granted. I am interested in the dynamics and tensions between humanity and nature and there are many visual sign of that found in the landscape. I am also interested in the impact time has on the landscape, especially on parts of the landscape touched by the human hand and then neglected. Places where one can see nature as an entropic force.

Humanity’s relationship with nature is changing. The pandemic has us all taken out of the rut of routines and forced us to reevaluate life and climate emergencies taught us that recycling and reusing is not enough … Rewilding is the way forward.

Over the past few months my practice started shifting. I became interested in not only reusing materials but also in wanting to use media that is resourced from nature directly. I want to give back to nature using natural pigments. I am still in the learning process. It is a long term project. … But that is for another time.