The exhibition examines the effect time and the elements have on the landscape and also the dynamics and tensions between humanity and nature.

When I venture out into the landscape it is the momentarily, the unseen, I seek to explore and often I am intrigued by the traces in the landscape of those who visited before and the stories they left behind.

Humanity changes the landscape and leaves traces in nature but transient factors such as weather, time and the elements have the power to claim back natural spaces. 

My paintings are echoes of the ephemeral qualities of the weather, the mysteries that the vegetation holds and nature as an entropic force.

Walking the landscape is an ephemeral act. Steps taken are fleeting and only present for a moment. I walk, I immerse myself in the landscape and I collect moments. It may be the light shining through leaves transforming vegetation or the influence the weather has on the landscape, for example the clouds in the sky. It may be the changing light and mood of the day or different colours of the different seasons.

Landscapes offer infinite possibilities of response.

The more permanent is especially visible in my older works, whilst newer works focus mainly on the impermanent, the ephemeral aspects of the landscape. However, all captured moments talk about time passing by and are carried through time.