Landscape Paintings inspired by time and the elements

Towards the Edge of Land (detail)

‘In the world we live in distance ceases to be distance and to be blue when we arrive in it. The far becomes near and they are not the same place’.  Rebecca Solnit

I love stormy weather. I also like the smell of rain and smoky air on an autumn morning. I think early mornings are the best part of the day. I like walking barefoot in the summer but often have cold feet in the winter. I marvel at shoots growing through pavement and at the clouds in the sky.

I don’t know if less is more but I do think less is better.

By immersing myself in nature I am often inspired. I walk and explore the countryside and through drawing and painting I examine my understanding of our place in the world we live in, adding images to my library of collected moments.

I often get lost and I continue to search.

Are we not all time travellers moving towards the future?