My work explores the landscape and the vegetation that lies within its perimeter.

Painting is central in my practice and walking informs my research. Being outdoors, physically and mentally immersing myself in nature is important to me. Traversing different terrains, seeing the landscape transformed by the elements and seasons inspire the start of new ideas.

The wonders of creation and diversity of the natural world, the gaze towards the horizon and also the ephemeral qualities of delicate and robust details in vegetation I come across on daily walks offer such a wealth of inspiration.

I sketch and I take photographs and in the studio I work with the initial impressions. Captured fragments of place and time, the effect the elements have on the landscape and vegetation, the atmosphere & mood they create are translated onto paper or canvas.

Intuitive, gestural marks and expressive use of colour are part of my exploration of the landscape. All that gives the painting narratives and invite the viewer to see their own story.