Artist Statement

My practice explores the dynamics and tensions between the human-made and the landscape through painting and installation art.

I like to question our place in this world and the way we impact the environment. Walking informs my research. Being outdoors, physically and mentally immersing myself in nature is important to me.

Liminal spaces intrigue me; the in-between-places found in ‘hinterlands’, disused places, areas where these juxtapositions between humanity and nature are visible.

Ephemeral qualities of delicate and robust details in the vegetation are often the starting point for my paintings; Movements and physical actions capture fragments of time and space, and also traces of emotions, thoughts and memories.


Virtual Arts Trail, Saturday 26 – Sunday 27 September 2020

Landscape […], Solo Exhibition, Malmesbury, February 2020

Flying Monk Arts Trail, Malmesbury, September 2019

Test Bed Residency, 44AD, Bath, January 2019

Blue Monday, 44AD, Bath, January 2019

MA Show, Bath Spa University, Bath, September 2018

The Bath Open Art Prize, 44AD, Bath, May 2018

CONTINUUM Exhibition, Fringe Arts Bath, Bath, May 2018

Ocean Matters, Bristol Aquarium, Bristol, May 2018

Disruptions Project, Sion Hill Gallery, Bath, May 2018

Environmental Art Project, ABC Art, Bath, May 2018

Wanderings, Solo Exhibition, Tetbury Goods Shed, Tetbury, February 2018

MA Interim Show, Bath Spa University, Bath, September 2017

The Future Can’t Wait, Black Swan Arts, Frome, April 2017